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崇宁 重宝

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摘要:藏品推荐:崇宁重宝,精品推荐《崇宁重宝》崇宁重宝Recommended for high-quality products <Chonging Chongbao> Chonging Chongbao,中国古钱币之一。北宋徽宗崇宁年间铸(公元1102年~1106年)。面文“崇宁重宝”隶书对读,古朴方正,多为光背,少数背有星、月、十字等。




Excellent product recommendation -- Chongning chongbao


Collection name: Chongning treasure




Category: Coins


Chongning chongbao is one of the most important coins in the last years of the Northern Song Dynasty. According to statistics, there are more than 300 editions of Chongning chongbao. Every year, there are different editions of Chongning chongbao found by experts or collectors.


The Chongning treasures of different editions have a high value of collection and appreciation.

属    性:北宋钱币

Genuineness: coins of the Northern Song Dynasty


Date of occurrence: 1102-1106 A.D.

币    质:铜、铁、银

Currency quality: copper, iron, silver

特    点:古朴方正,严谨庄重,法度固定

Special points: simple and upright, rigorous and solemn, and fixed

面    值:折十

Face value: 10% off


Introduction to Chongning chongbao

崇宁重宝铸于北宋徽宗崇宁年间(公元1102年~1106年),材质有铜、铁、银。 崇宁重宝为隶书铜、铁大钱,制作多亦精好,存世较多。另有崇宁通宝钱文为徽宗御书瘦金体,铁划银钩,深具骨秀格清之气韵,书法超妙绝伦,堪称币文楷书之颠峰。世人评此为“宋代第一泉”,宋徽宗与王莽并称中国钱法

Chongning heavy treasure was cast in the reign of Emperor Huizong of the Northern Song Dynasty (1102-1106 A.D.) and made of copper, iron and silver. Chongning heavy treasure is a large amount of copper and iron coins in Lishu, which are well made and well preserved. In addition, the Chongning Tongbao Qian script is a thin gold script written by Emperor Huizong, with iron strokes and silver hooks. It has a deep and clear aura, and its calligraphy is superb, which can be regarded as the peak of regular script. The world called it "the first spring of the Song Dynasty". Emperor Huizong and Wang Mang called it the Chinese money law.


"Two saints", the layout of Chongning Tongbao is changeable, and there is still iron money.


Chongning treasure Qian Wen official script, simple and upright, rigorous and solemn, fixed law. Some people think that Chongning chongbao Qian Wen is also written by Huizong, but there is no conclusion in history. There are hundreds of editions of chongbao. There are many marks on the back and face. There are flowers, inscriptions, stars, moon and stars on the back. You can often see them.


There is a legend about this money, saying that its surface text was written by Caijing, while Caijing wrote with ulterior motives to link up and down the mountain of "Chong" and the vertical pen of "Zong", and to omit the "heart" in the traditional style of "Ning", which was accused of "intentionally breaking the Song Dynasty, not intentionally pacifying the country". There are many types of "Chongning" coins in existence, but no coins of this kind have been found so far. Of course, there are also false statements based on the above, but it's easy to identify. Therefore, this legend can not be confirmed, which is still a mystery.


Casting background of Chongning chongbao


In January 1100 A.D., Emperor zhe Zong of the Northern Song Dynasty died of illness. Zhao Ji, his younger brother, succeeded him as the eighth emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty and became Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty. Huizong is "skillful in nature and superior to art". He is addicted to calligraphy and painting all day long and ignores the official principles. During his 25 years in office, he successively minted six kinds of coins, including Shengsong Tongbao, Chongning Tongbao (chongbao), Daguan Tongbao, Zhenghe Tongbao (chongbao), Chonghe Tongbao, Xuanhe Tongbao (Yuanbao). Among them, the coins of Chongning Tongbao and Daguan Tongbao are thin gold bodies written by Emperor Huizong. It's amazing that Chongning Tongbao, a ten fold thin gold calligraphy, is made of fine bronze, and its writing bone is clear, which is adorable.


Usage of Chongning chongbao




Zhao Ji, Emperor Huizong of the Northern Song Dynasty, began to cast ten pairs of Chongning Tongbao and Chongning chongbao in the second year of Chongning (A.D. 1103), and stopped casting in the fifth year of Chongning (A.D. 1106). In just four years, the amount of Chongning big money was huge, which led to economic chaos in the late Northern Song Dynasty. The common people and businesses were unwilling to accept Chongning big money. Finally, Chongning big money was reduced from Dang ten to Dang two.



Each Chongning heavy treasure weighs about 10 grams, which is equivalent to the weight of three Chongning Tongbao small flat coins, but it should be used as 10 small flat coins. At that time, the common people stored the small coins or sold them as ten big coins, resulting in a huge shortage of small coins. So far, it's hard to find Chongning Tongbao Xiaoping's money. The normal products are all over 1000 yuan. Chongning heavy treasure also has small money, which is light and thin, with a diameter of 26mm to 27mm and a weight of 2.5G to 3.8g. It is said that it can be used as a two fold coin.


According to relevant records, each coin of Chongning chongbao weighs about 10g, which means that its value is at least ten times that of ordinary Xiaoping coin. Chongning chongbao, which costs tens of thousands of yuan in coinage, has excellent materials, clear and exquisite shapes, and simple and atmospheric layout. Because Chongning chongbao has a long history, there are few real coins left on the market. It is rare, so its value will become more and more prominent in the future.